Training courses 2021

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Training venue in Paris: Hôtel Mercure Boulogne Billancourt: Auditorium and large meeting rooms


Seminar 1: Endodontics in everyday life – Friday 22 & Saturday 23 January 2021

Rediscovering the excitement of endodontics means serenely and simply approaching the therapeutic act by constantly integrating from preoperative reflection to the implementation of the treatment, key concepts linked to pulpo-radicular anatomy but also to asepsis-antisepsis. Why and when should endodontic treatment be performed? How can it be done with an understanding of anatomy? Seminar 1 “Endodontics in everyday life” will give you all the answers and provide you with all the clinical recommendations, step by step, to optimize the prognosis of your initial treatments and to be able to apply them the very next day in the dental office.


Seminar 2: The complexities of daily life – Friday, March 26 & 27, 2021

Initial endodontic treatment or orthograde reprocessing are sometimes considered difficult both diagnostically and technically. To avoid all the pitfalls, it is necessary to know certain anatomical and/or pathophysiological particularities. Understanding and knowing how to manage endoparadontal relationships, mineralization phenomena or apical or lateral-radicular lesions are some of the objectives of this seminar 2. The second part of this training course, designed to deal with the difficulties of everyday life, will deal with orthograde endodontic reprocessing using a rational method for depositing corono-radicular restorations and reconstructions, removing obstructions, overcoming stops and treating floor perforations.


Seminar 1: coronal reprocessing – October 8 & 9, 2021

The complexity of a clinical situation may involve orthograde endodontic retreatment and/or surgical endodontics or even, as a last resort, tooth extraction. First of all, it is therefore essential to understand the decision-making criteria that will allow you to make the best choice. Moreover, technological developments in the field of visual aids, instrumentation and/or biomaterials now make it possible to broaden the field of indication for dental conservation. Knowing how to unclog previous treatments, bypass or eliminate instrumental fragments or treat different types of perforations will be the objective of this module.


Seminar 2: Endodontic Microsurgery – December 11, 2021

While orthograde endodontic retreatment is the treatment of choice, endodontic surgery is an additional therapeutic alternative when reprocessing is contraindicated or fails. Its objectives require not only apical resection but also reprocessing by shaping and obturation of the infected root canal portion. During this session, the surgical approaches (incisions and sutures) as well as all the appropriate technical procedures (resection, ultrasonic drilling, apical filling) are reviewed under a magnifying glass or microscope.

Scientific Day: Friday, December 10, 2021