A word from the President

Dear brothers and sisters,

The French Society of Endodontics has been at the side of practitioners for nearly 40 years, and our scientific society has always devoted itself, body and soul, to all the members who make up its board of directors and its regional delegates in order to promote endodontics at standard levels of practice corresponding to acquired, proven, and current scientific data.

All these practitioners, involved and recognized in the field of endodontics, dedicate passion and a desire to share a large part of their time with the operation of the SFE on a voluntary basis in order to ensure the missions of this trusted scientific society.

Stimulating continuous professional development in endodontics, federating and defending colleagues with limited or focused practice in endodontics, representing them before the numerous professional bodies in which the SFE participates is also part of our action.

With more than 600 members to date, this gives us a listening ear with these organizations and allows us to be sometimes heard better in order to encourage the consideration of this field to a necessary value.

Our annual congress, our scientific day and the numerous regional events organized throughout the year allow everyone, according to his or her level, to have access to practical work and conferences of quality, up to date and covering all the questions you may have.

If you are looking for a quality partner to train you, to improve your practice, or to avance in endodontics, don’t look any further, join us and our voice will be only stronger, your practice will be only more qualitative.

The SFE is the authority on endodontics, on endodontic training, and on the coalition of the endodontic industry.

Fraternally yours,
Nicolas Gardon
President of the French Society of Endodontology