The Paul Calas Prize

The Paul Calas Prize 2023


The Paul Calas Prize has a value of 3000 Euros

The FSE Board of Directors decided, in 2008, to award a Research Prize in tribute to the late Prof. Paul Calas, of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at the Toulouse University of Dentistry, who sadly passed away in June 2007. This Prize will go to promote, support and reward the scientist or research team that presents the most original research paper on their theoretical and clinical studies in Endodontics, which has never previously been submitted for publication. The aim of this Prize is also to share French and International endodontic research with members of the FSE and endodontists worldwide, in order to create new ties and strengthen existing relationships between practitioners and scientists from the whole profession.

The FSE International Scientific Day will be held in Paris, France on 2023 December 15. International jury will assess submissions anonymously. The winner will be informed of the decision in early December 2023. The FSE requests that the winner presents the results of his/her study to the public during the FSE International Scientific Day. Expenses for accommodation and meeting fees will be covered by the FSE. Expenses for travel will be at the winner’s charge. The winner will receive his/her Prize after the FSE received a proof (receipt) of paper submission to a scientific journal (French or English language) with Editorial Committee.

Applications should be made before 30 September 2023

Applications must include the following:

  1. Personal details of the author who will receive the Prize, on one page:
    – Name, address and telephone number
    – E-mail address of the project leader
    – Name of the research laboratory (and/or relation)
    – Short curriculum vitae.
  2. A letter of approval from the Director of the research laboratory.
  3. A summary of the research. This summary must be formatted according to template available here:

Researches that have already been published will not be accepted.

Paul Calas research Prize - make your application

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    Lauréats 2020 : Dr Matthieu GROSBORNE et Mathieu LAGORSSE

    Implication de la pulpe dans les phénomènes de résorption radiculaire

    Lauréat 2019 : Dr Olivia Kérourédan

    In situ Laser-Assisted Bioprinting of endothelial progenitors and SCAPs: Effect on bone regeneration in vivo

    Lauréat 2018 : Dr Aleksandar JAKOVLJEVIC (Serbie)

    Notch Signaling Pathway in Apical Periodontitis – Correlation with Bone Resorption Regulators and Proinflammatory Cytokines

    Lauréat 2017 : Dr Vincent BLASCO-BAQUE (France)

    Periodontitis induced by Porphyromonas gingivalis drives periodontal microbiota dysbiosis and insulin resistance via an impaired adaptive immune response.

    Lauréat 2016 : Dr Jérôme MICHETTI (France)

    Validation d’une technique de segmentation ex vivo pour la recherche endodontique

    Lauréat 2015 : Dr Maxime DUCRET (France)

    Production of Human Dental Pulp Cells with a Medicinal Manufacturing approach

    Lauréat 2014 : Dr Paul TAWIL (Canada)

    Periapical Microsurgery : the effect of root dentinal defects on short and long term outome.

    Lauréat 2013 : Dr Alexis GAUDIN (France)

    Caractérisation d’une sous population de cellules dendritiques tolérogène exprimant Hème oxygénase-1 dans la pulpe dentaire humaine.

    Lauréat 2012 : Dr Marjorie  Zanini (France)

    Biodentine induces immortalized murine pulp cell differentiation into odontoblast-like cells and stimulates biomineralization.

    Lauréat 2011 : Dr.Valérie TOM-KUN (Canada)

    Blockade of tlr2 inhibits p. Gingivalis suppression of mineralized matrix formation by human dpscs

    Lauréat 2009 : Dr.Gaëlle VILLETTE (France)

    Characterization of an Ex Vivo Model for the Assessment of Root Canal Disinfection

    Lauréat 2008 : Dr. Issam KHALIL  (LIBAN)

    Etude de la biocompatibilité d’un nouveau ciment endodontique à base de ciment de Portland

    A permis de participer à un dépôt de brevet au Liban.