Scientific Day, December 15, 2023

Scientific Day, December 15, 2023

Hotel Mercure Paris Boulogne



(1, 2) Understanding endodontic disease and current status of root canal disinfection

Endodontic disease is known as the host-immune response to the existence of opportunistic oral bacteria as biofilms within a pulp space. The response of host-immune system to microbial biofilm is distinctly different to their planktonic counterpart. Consequently, different clinical presentations are possible when they are associated with a chronic disease. Thus, microbial biofilms are considered the key therapeutic target in the treatment of endodontic disease. Part 1 of the lecture will cover the evolving perspectives of root canal biofilm in disease, and part 2 of the lecture will cover root canal irrigation dynamics and current status of root canal irrigation strategies.

(3, 4) Strategies for reinforcing endodontically treated teeth and periapical immune modulation

Therapeutic options to eliminate root canal biofilm has been the primary focus for innovations in recent years. In spite of some significant technological advances in the past two decades, root canal environment still remains to be a challenging niche to eliminate surface-adherent bacterial biofilms predictably. Also, there has been a growing interest in the concept of dentin preservation for maintaining the mechanical integrity of endodontically treated teeth. However, the question still remains: Can the current strategy of utilizing minimally invasive access cavity, root canal preparation and sealer-based obturation, improve the mechanical integrity of root-filled teeth, while maintaining the efficacy of root canal disinfection?This two-part lecture series will review bioactive nanoparticle based multimodal therapy to solve the long-standing problems in non-surgical root canal treatment.